“As educators we felt that we would not be able to purchase a home in an area that we desired, so we were willing to make sacrifices.  But by working with Mark Manfield, we were not only able to purchase in our desired area, but we also bought a home with a third unit to help subsidize our mortgage.  Mark has even helped to coordinate the renovations for our new property.  As a result the property value has already (within six months) skyrocketed.”

Heather Shepherd & Keren Pavlisky

“As very discriminating buyers, we were looking for more in a realtor.  Mark provided us with the service, punctuality, and professionalism that we had hoped for.  We will definitely be working with him again in the future.”

John and Merelle Kern

“Mark worked with us over the course of an entire year.  We had no idea we could purchase an investment property for as little as 3% down.  But thanks to his expertise, we were not only able to arrange the financing, but Mark also helped us to coordinate the vendors needed for rehabilitation and renovations, and now, the value of the property has dramatically increased.  We’re ready to buy another!”

Mike and Elaina Reilly
High School teachers
Jan. 2004

“Mark Manfield has personally handled multiple real estate transactions for us and currently manages three of our most successful buildings.”

Dr. Harvey and Deanne Gilbert

“I have in the past personally invested with Mark Manfield and his handling of my real estate affairs have completely revolutionized the way I operate my own business.  His equation for success has had a positive “domino effect” on the value of my entire investment portfolio.”

Mark Skipwith

“To keep us constantly updated regarding our investment properties, Mark produces a detailed statement each and every month.  He not only handled our 10/31 exchange in a very timely manner, but also was able to convert two burdensome properties into one headache-free, financially lucrative investment property on L.A.’s desirable Westside.  The best news of all?  Mark personally oversees this properties day-to-day business, providing us with a stress-free investment.”

Dr. and Mrs. Morton Futterman

“Mark found for me the most beautiful condominium I had ever seen on the Westside.  I will definitely be referring his services to all my friends.”

Helen P. Cherry-Hauptman
Helen Cherry Photography Studios