Property Management

We seek to maximize rental income for your properties area.

We are compliant with all local ordinances.

We will make your property a desirable buy!

Let our team of managers steer your property toward a higher return.  We have a skilled and caring managerial and service staff that has experience in gaining a sound tenancy with a maximum rental income for the area.

Property listing

We offer:

  • Many multiple listing services
  • Display investments in the LA Times
  • Direct mail
  • Electronic Listing & Marketing

Search & Find:

We have access to Multiple Listing Services, Loop Net and many other Internet search engines.  We provide a team of associates who will tirelessly canvas the areas in which you want to buy.  We have inspectors, legal counsel and a crack team of specialists to advise you on your prospective purchase.


We know our competition, study market trends and maintain an excellent rapport with all parties in the buyer, seller, agent relationship.  We are friendly, fair and honest, and we will get you the best deal for the property.


We provide a team of expert analysts to help you obtain the best purchase loan available.  We have extensive experience and expertise in both conventional and creative financing.  We will walk you through every step of the escrow process and will help to resolve the unexpected that may appear in any contact negotiation and closing.


We can help you to determine a reasonable budget and are sensitive to differing needs. We can answer a lot of the “what ifs” for you.

We have a long list of reputable tradesmen who we regularly work with, and can help you to make your property work.  No renovation project is too large or small for our crews to handle.  From gardening services to complete remodels – we are the specialists in getting you “In”.

1031 Exchanges

We have experience with the many complexities of a 1031 Exchange.  We will execute your exchange in a professional and timely manner.

Frequently asked Questions Regarding 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

Q   1.  Can I exchange my investment property and defer taxes by investing the money into other property I already own?

A   1.   No.

Q   2.   Can I exchange my residential rental for commercial property?A  
2.   Yes

Q   3.   Can I exchange my investment rental property for non-income producing property?

A   2.   Yes

Q    4.    After I complete my exchange, how long must I hold the new property before selling?

A    4.    No Holding period.  However, be aware of Dealer status.

Q    5.    How long must I wait to make my exchange property my personal residence?

A    5.   24 Months – IRS Letter Ruling 942939 July 1984.

Q    6.   Is there an extension of time on the 45day identification period of the 180 day time frame?

A    6.   No.

Q    7.   Can I receive the interest on funds held by the Accommodator without jeopardizing my exchange?

A    7.   Yes.  Taxation Budget #95 May 15, 1990.

Q    8.   Can I defer taxes by using the proceeds from my exchange to build develop other property?

A    8.   Yes, however, there are special circumstances.

Q    9.   Can I defer taxes if I acquire my new property before I sell my old property?

A    9.   No.  There is no IRS provision for a “Reverse Exchange”.

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Q    10.  Can I take cash from my exchange?

A    10.  Yes, but not until the transaction is finalized.  Taxation budget #95 May 15, 1990.

Q    11.  Can I exchange a property in California for property in another state?

A    11.  Yes.  You can exchange anywhere in the United States, and Pacific Financial Exchange Corp.  can accommodate your exchange in any state.

Q   12.  Can I use my net proceeds to pay non-recurring closing cost on the purchase of my property?

A   12.  Yes.

Q   13.  Can I exchange my investment property for a Partnership interest in property?

A.  13.  No.  Section 1031 (a) – 1 July 18, 1984.

Q   14.  Can I carry-back a Note on my sale property?

A   14.  Yes.  However, the Note may be taxable.

Q   15.  Can I exchange my investment property for a Business?

A   15.  No.

Q   16.  Can I exchange my business for another business?

A   16.  Yes.

Q   17.  How long must I wait to refinance property acquired through an exchange?

A   17.  No waiting period.

Q   18.  Can I refinance my investment property prior to exchanging?

A   18.  Yes.

Q   19.  Can I exchange one property for two or more properties?

A   19.  Yes.

Q   20.  Can I pull out my original cash investment from the exchange property and avoid paying taxes on this cash?

A   20.  No.


Multiple media marketing services are provided including: LA Times, La Weekly, direct mail, all local & regional real estate publications, Multiple Listing services, LoopNet, AAGLA, AOA, Internet advertising.

Because we have extensive experience in managing and marketing apartment buildings throughout the LA area, whether listing or leasing- we will know how to position your investment for its highest return.

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