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Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Project:

4219 W 28th St Los Angeles Ca,

The team at Manfield & Associates stepped up to the plate by tackling a project that was deemed impossible by most companies. They grabbed the bull by the horns and made another project a success story.

The development site is located in the Mid-city Redevelopment Recovery Project Area of Los Angeles.

The site was purchased August of 2006 with nine vacancies. The property had a high crime rate and all the units were completely unlivable.

The plan was to rehabilitate the building by providing new bathrooms kitchens, flooring, electrical, and plumbing to the units while adding high tech security features. The plan has been a success and has yielded more than 12% return upon investment

Developments like this have revitalized the neighborhood and brought rental stability to the properties and have created a positive impact to the community.