Knowing a community takes more than simply knowing the names of the streets… the people, the businesses and the neighborhoods make up a community, whose fabric is unique.  At Manfield and Associates, we have developed the trust and integrity that only years of experience and a “hands on” approach can accomplish.

Manfield and Associates has been in the Apartment business in the greater Los Angeles area, helping investment real estate owners, investors and brokers for more than a decade.

According to the Mid City/Westside Corridor Environmental Impact Study, released in October of 2005, “The study area is expected to continue to capture a large share of the regional population and employment growth.  Population and employment forecasts to the year 2020 adopted by the Southern California Association of Governments clearly suggest that the study area [Mid City and West L.A.] will capture a high level of growth over the next 20 years.”  Manfield and Associates has been investing in this area for more than a decade, and we know the territory.  Let us help you position your assets for the highest return in this hot market.